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Re: Under PPC debain, is there any app like iScroll2?

On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 09:39 PM, Jack Malmostoso wrote:

> Anyway, i find quite annoying the synaptics behaviour of the automatic
> selection of icons and windows if I stop moving the cursor for a second (I
> hope you understand what I mean...).

Not exactly, i don't use icons..
I've tried with windows but i cannot reproduce your error.

> Which option should I modify? I am using your default options as found on
> the README, and honestly I didn't play with it a lot... thanks for help!

Witch patch version are you using?
Are you using my config or the one from xorg.conf_bigo (suggested) ?

Maybe there's a kind of involuntary click when you "leave" the trackpad
with the finger.


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