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Re: Synaptics driver and the new iBooks

On Sun, Nov 13, 2005 at 05:01 PM, Saladino wrote:

>   I've been trying to install the synaptics driver to disable the
> tapping of the touchpad.

your trackpad is adb or usb? /proc/bus/input/devices should help

> if i have 2 devices, touchpad and usb mouse, why only one
> logical device?(/dev/input/mice)

mousedev handles every mice, and its output come from such device..

> I would like to have different
> preffs, for example to disconnect touchpad when usb mouse is plugged,
> or simply to disable the touchpads tapping click, only using the
> button for click.

if you have an usb-based trackpad you should contact usb-people and ask
if your device is compatible with synaptics drivers


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