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No more than: # Loading second stage bootstrap ...

Hi you all!
I'll go straight forward to the problem :
after I installed ubuntu-ppc ,always was right, I installed linux-source-2.6.12 from .deb following 
the instructions on debian.org ( I've always used intel ), rebooted
and after selected Linux at the boot prompt the bootstage stopped with:
 Loading second stage bootstra...
and rebooted itself, for three times, and then it stopped complitely.
I can't find traces of the crash in log.
That was the first problem, the second is that after rebooted with my old 
"standard" kernel of installtion cd the led in front of the laptop started to blink and 
I saw that the therm_adt746x modules is up when before it wasn't and  I saw in logs that 
the "onlyright" kernel 2.6.14 is using some 2.4.12 modules that it hasn't but the 2.4.12 
can't work fine!
and instead many 2.6.14 modules as usb storage that insn't working! 
some issues?
I'm, just losing my mind...
thanks in advance.

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