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joy. AirPort Extreme


Yesterday, the free driver for the first time received data. It was
obviously a version I had hacked up, but we spec'ed the remaining bits
now. It only worked in PIO mode, but the b44 driver has pretty much the
same DMA engine. Any kind of encryption isn't handled yet unless you
want to do it in software (we know something is handled in hardware, but
not how much and what really).

However, it is working at least somewhat. I don't know even if all data
rates work etc. because I have no good testing equipment. But basic
functionality is there. Just so you know.

Now, don't check out the svn now and complain if nothing works. That's
expected. Remember we're working on two groups. But if you were going to
buy an external adapter now, you might want to wait :)

I suppose it'll still be a few weeks until there's a driver that can
associate. And AP or ad-hoc mode will take much longer yet since we
still need to figure out what to do there.

For what it's worth.


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