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Re: partition problem

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 21:19, William Xu wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have an 80G removable hard disk, which i divided into 40G xfs + 40G
> vfat partitions. (In detail, cfdisk first, then mkfs.xfs and mkfs.vfat
> for each partition.)
> on linux, i could mount both partitions - sda1, sda5 successfully. But
> on windows (i wish it could access the 40G vfat partition), it can't
> recognize the disk. What's wrong here?

I think the problem is the partition type of the extended partition.  I guess 
you create a extended partition with type 5 (Extended) or 85 (Linux 
extended).  But for Windows, you should create a extended partition with type 
f (Win95 Extended LBA).

Change your sda2 partition type to f.  (I guess sda2 is your extended 
partition)  And re-created sda5, then re-format sda5 with vfat may helps you 
solve this problem.

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