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Re: mol modules for kernel 2.6.14

On Thu, 03 Nov 2005 the mental interface of
Sven Luther told:

> On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 11:16:48PM +0100, Elimar Riesebieter
> wrote:
> > I filed a bugreport to fix it. It is the job of the maintainer
> > to implement it;)
> Yeah, ok, a quick reality check here. The mol maintainer died
> tragically in july, leaving the package all but abandoned, i did
> jump in because nobody else did and because mol was blocking the
> 2.6.12 kernel transition, and because i used to work with Jens on
> the 2.6 powerpc kernel packages.

AFAIR this was Martin Loschwitz?

> I don't use mol and am not interested in being the sole maintainer
> of it, except to make it build with newer kernel packages, and did
> write so when i announced the mol 2.6.12 packages here, so read
> the mailing list archive.

So we need an interested maintainer!

> The alternative being naturally to kick mol from the archive, or
> at least the mol-modules, so they don't interfer with the kernel
> packages, as mol seems abandoned upstream and there is no real
> interest in doing real maintainership of them for debian, altough
> Otavio proposed himself.

I noticed the inactivity of upstream. At the moment we have a
solution to patch mol-source running tiger. The maintainer has to be
found here (or at debian-devel ....) and the upstream push at
mol-general or something.


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