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Re: summary of ALSA status on PPC as of kernel 2.6.13 (ALSA 1.0.9)

The summary has seen many contributions over the past week, but a lot
remains to be done to clarify exactly which chipset each PowerMac has.


My impression is that recent PowerMacs using he i2c interface for the
audio controls are rather well supported, while G3 and oldworld still
have plenty of rough spots.  Early G4 platforms also showcase various
minor bugs, mostly related to microphone and muting support.

Note that, as indicated by ALSA developers as comment to ALSA bug #306,
there *is* willingness to fix outstanding bugs, just as long as people
bother with submitting a bug report to the ALSA BTS for each issue.


Essentially, the ball is in the user's camp:  Report a bug and chances
are good that someone will eventually fix it; leave the issue unreported
and developers won't ever realize that bugs remain.

Martin-Éric Racine

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