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Re: How it to understand? (RTC trouble)

Sven Luther wrote:

Not sure. xine works fine for me. I don't use vlc. Maybe best to report
it to your distribution.
I'd expect some kind of error messages on failing I/O controls if this was
a rtc related problem.

I confirm that both xine and vlc work fine here. What distribution are you
using ? and where did those xine and vlc packages come from ?
I use Debian sarge 3.1 r0a on PowerMac G5 (1.6) xine (appendices which use xine as the engine do not work all) and vlc from standard delivery. About mistakes I/O speak nothing - in general are silent and fall, fall, fall...

To Sven Luther: I apologize for an immodest question. You can add support of control FAN PowerMac G5 in your 64-bit kernel?

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