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Re: Mac mini sound

Dnia 20-09-2005, wto o godzinie 20:27 +0100, Roger Leigh napisał(a):
> Andrzej Mendel <amendel@wp.pl> writes:
> > AFAIK Mac Mini's mixer is not supported yet or there is none (BenH
> > posted here that he couldn't find one). Audio output (w/o hardware
> > mixing) works very well in 2.6.12, and playing multiple streams is
> > possible with help of "dmix" ALSA plugin (well tested by me :). ALSA
> > should enable it by default, by in my case it didn't.
> Please could you share your asound.conf to show us how to enable it?
> Thanks,
> Roger
> -- 
> Roger Leigh

Here it goes. It doesn't do volume control (I'll try softvol plugin
suggested by BenH today), but it works and now you can get a Gaim sound
event while listening to Led Zeppelin.
pcm.!default {
        type plug
        slave.pcm "dmix"
ctl.dmixer {
	type hw
	card 0

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