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Re: Fn key and 2.6.12-rc4

I patched my 2.6.14-r1 kernel with the fn key patch and noticed that it might 
be conflicting with the quirk for the powermouse and so removed that patch 
from 2.6.14-r1.

Even then:

> Have build 13-rc5:
> showkeys -k:
> Hitting fn - 0x61 0xe1
> Hitting fn+up 0x61 0x67 0xe7 0xe1

I presume "showkeys" is not some different program than "showkey"

showkey -k (Then when fn pressed and released)
keycode 464 press
keycode 464 release

If I do 'showkey -s' and press fn I get no response and it does not affect the 
output when held down when other keys are pressed. i.e. fn+up and up generate 
the same result.

Is there something in 2.6.14 that would prevent this patch from working? I'd 
thought it would be in 2.6.14 anyway.

Any ideas? 


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