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Problem on powerpc with eperl and libperl5.8 (5.8.7-5)


eperl has been broken by the latest Perl upload (5.8.7-5), it now
segfaults on powerpc when loading binary modules:
  $ cat tst1
  <: use POSIX; :>
  $ cat tst2
  <: use Test; :>
  $ eperl tst1
  Segmentation fault
  $ eperl tst2
  $ ldd eperl
          libperl.so.5.8 => /usr/lib/libperl.so.5.8 (0x0fea2000)

Basically, eperl runs a Perl interpreter for everything enclosed in
<: ... :> and prints verbatim other parts of text.

According to #328789, recompiling eperl fixes this crash, but I would
like to know why it is broken to make sure that it gets really fixed.
It worked previously:
  $ dpkg-deb -x perl-base_5.8.7-4_powerpc.deb  FOO
  $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`/FOO/usr/lib eperl tst1
But if I recompile perl-base_5.8.7-4_powerpc.deb on a sid box with the
current toolchain, it segfaults:
  $ dpkg-deb -x perl-base_5.8.7-4_powerpc.deb  NEW
  $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`/NEW/usr/lib eperl tst1
  Segmentation fault

I do not know what to do next, any help is welcome.


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