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Re: 2.6.12-6 and xorg

According to Cedric Pradalier, on Wed, 14 Sep 2005 20:18:46
>I'm using testing, and I am on the verge to updation my
>ibook (G3, rev 2.2). I've just found out a quite massive
>change (300M+ to download). So I'd like to have some advice
>For the kernel, the essential for me are 
>- sleep (with PMU), 
>- sound,
>- pppoe + firewall 
>Any success?

Well, I finally made it. And so far so good. My best
congratulations to the kernel and debian teams

A little problem: keyboard repeat is extremely fast (near 0
delay, and fast rate) on console or X. I set it correctly
with xset r 500 25 on X, but it continues on console. 

Anyone knows how to correct that?

>I've also found that xorg is replacing x11. My old xserver
>was tuned so as allow multiple displays (mergedfb,
>xinerama). Does anyone has some success story with that on
>xorg. I would not update otherwise. 

This is yet to be tested...

>I'm seldomly using 3D, but what about DRI?

3D works well here.


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