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swsusp2, and, pbbuttonsd, with, vlock


I would like to make my laptop more secure if someone would eventaully
steal it. I have an encrypted filesystem where i store my files.

I've came up with two ideas.
First one is use swsusp2 (while swsusp1 call tracess on my ibook g3).
I would make a script which would unmount my cryptofs and then make a
software suspend. On resume it would as for passowrd to mount my
cryptofs again. It works fine, but when i want to start X after resume 
my system freezes. I use xfree86 with dri-trunk radeon driver.
Any ideas what may be the problem ?

My second bright idea was to use pmud/pbbuttonsd, but i have no idea
where to put my script. I've tried resume.d/my_script but it does not

I would be very thankfull for some advice on one of those issues.

Best regards,

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