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Re: New MOL packages available.

On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 07:07:07PM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > As you may know, Jens Schmalzing, the mol and mol-modules maiintainer died
> > tragicaly in july. I was led to believe that someone was interested in taking
> > over his packages, but since there was no upload since july, and mol-modules
> > where accumulating bug reports and blocking the 2.6.12-6 kernels (well,
> > blocking the removal of the older kernels), i decided to give a go at it.
> madkiss sent an ITA to -devel and -powerpc (himself and a few other
> developers would work together on the package). I said I'd take the
> package if necessary. Have you contacted madkiss about the delays?

Nope, but they are free to come takeover or help me, i asked for a mol project
on alioth so we can share it, but it was rejected as it was supposed to be
pkg-mol :/

The idea is to have a mol svn repo, and work collectively or something such.

I knew some people where wanting to package stuff, but it has been some time,
and i was not able to find again who where interested.

> > mol-modules-2.6.12 is currently in NEW, but my packages can be found also on :
> >
> >   http://people.debian.org/~luther/mol
> >
> > If you want to go and grab them earlier, altough NEW processing should be
> > rather fast.
> >
> > I fixed mol so that it builds with gcc 4.0 and the new binutils in sid/etch, i
> > applied the patch Nicolas Det posted here recently so that it built with
> > kernels > 2.6.12, and i specially want to thank Nicolas Det for having tested
> > the packages, i don't think i would have had the courage to tackle this one
> > without his work.
> Thanks for putting in the time - I was not aware mol was causing trouble.

Well, it needs to be built for each new kernel, and there where soem patches
needing to go in for 2.6.12 and beyond, and it was not sid gcc/binutils clean.

> > Now, i never use mol myself, so altough i am ok for doing pure kernel-related
> > packaging fixes, i am not ready at all to do day-to-day maintenance of the
> > packages, deal with feature request and all loads of non-packaging bug
> > reports, also no idea what upstrteam is about, doesn't seem active recently or
> > something.
> That's what I heard. Though we've seen a few impressive developments
> lately (such as aiport extreme). I need to contact Samuel to find out
> where development happens now.


> > So, i set up a mol project on alioth (well asked for it, not yet granted), and
> > will have a svn repo there, and i hope to find  mol users here who are ready
> > to devote some time to test and help out or whatever.
> >
> > I will do my best to keep the packages in touch with the debian kernels, but i
> > am not monitoring the upstream devel tree, or aware of additional patches and
> > so on. Nor do i build modules myself outside of the official ones.
> >
> > Anyway, enjoy the packages, and if a few can be moved to contribute, that
> > would be very welcome.
> I'll try your package ASAP.



Sven Luther

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