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New MOL packages available.

Hi all, ...

As you may know, Jens Schmalzing, the mol and mol-modules maiintainer died
tragicaly in july. I was led to believe that someone was interested in taking
over his packages, but since there was no upload since july, and mol-modules
where accumulating bug reports and blocking the 2.6.12-6 kernels (well,
blocking the removal of the older kernels), i decided to give a go at it.

mol-modules-2.6.12 is currently in NEW, but my packages can be found also on :


If you want to go and grab them earlier, altough NEW processing should be
rather fast.

I fixed mol so that it builds with gcc 4.0 and the new binutils in sid/etch, i
applied the patch Nicolas Det posted here recently so that it built with
kernels > 2.6.12, and i specially want to thank Nicolas Det for having tested
the packages, i don't think i would have had the courage to tackle this one
without his work.

Now, i never use mol myself, so altough i am ok for doing pure kernel-related
packaging fixes, i am not ready at all to do day-to-day maintenance of the
packages, deal with feature request and all loads of non-packaging bug
reports, also no idea what upstrteam is about, doesn't seem active recently or

So, i set up a mol project on alioth (well asked for it, not yet granted), and
will have a svn repo there, and i hope to find  mol users here who are ready
to devote some time to test and help out or whatever.

I will do my best to keep the packages in touch with the debian kernels, but i
am not monitoring the upstream devel tree, or aware of additional patches and
so on. Nor do i build modules myself outside of the official ones.

Anyway, enjoy the packages, and if a few can be moved to contribute, that
would be very welcome.


Sven Luther

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