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Geneweb 4.10-10 daemon not starting on PPC


I stumbled upon a little problem. I don't know if it's a bug in GeneWeb 4.10-10 or something in Linux.

The situation: I have GeneWeb 4.10-10 daemon running on a PPC 9500/200 with a 2.2 kernel with a testing distribution which runs without problems. I copied the GeneWeb databases of the 9500 to the 8100/110, with a 2.4.27 kernel with a testing distribution. Installed GeneWeb 4.10-10, which went well like expected. The system told me the GeneWeb daemon was started... but it didn't! Restarting the daemon gave the same result. No process called "gwd" like there should be and no access at port 2317 (standard port for GeneWeb) like with the 9500.
But when I enter "gwd" at the prompt it works!
Does anyone have an idea what can cause the daemon not to start on the 8100 while it does on the 9500?


Ernest Demaret

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