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Re: [OT] Spam

On 9/15/05, Federico 'Pain' Pistono <fppain@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dont' you get a bit too much spam in from this ML?
> Not that it bothers me that much, gMail thinks about it, but I do get
> a significant amount of unwanted email directed to the DebianPPC ML.
> What do you think?

I just searched through the trapped spam in gmail (past 1 month) for
the string "debian" and it only found one spam that was tagged as
having come through THIS list (plus two that came through the
debian-kde list), and a quick glance through the last several weeks'
messages only turned up a couple more that are encoded in a Cyrillic
character set. My methodology may be flawed but it matches my

The more messages I post to lists from my gmail account  the more spam
I get, BUT I have not seen much spam actually coming THROUGH the
lists. Maybe you are privileged to receive all the spam for the rest
of us? If so, THANK YOU for your sacrifice! (grin!)

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