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  Actually i come across  your  e-mail address through  search engine and i believe that you are the right organistion that can embark on my project without any breach of trust.My name is Ayotunde ogundipe an ex-student of oyo state college of education. i am a film writer and i written some film in which i believe that if you can grant me the opportunity to look into this project you will be highly  intrested.The title of some of the film include,
 Ghetto star: The one that explain how a small boy that grew up in a ghetto and started his music career with so many hardship which eventually made it big in the long run.
 We are one: It explain how the whole universe come from the same source,either Africa ,Europe,America,Asia and others.If you are also intrested in buying those film or if you see  people intrested in buying it you can contact me on this mobile number +2348038060560

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