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Re: Announcing powerpc backport 2.6.12-6 kernel package for sarge

On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 05:51:18PM +0900, Horms wrote:
> > http://packages.vergenet.net/testing/linux-2.6/
> I have done a second build, with the following changes, as 2.6.12-5.99.sarge2
> Only the first change is relevant, URL as immediately above :)
>    * Change kernel-source build dependancy to
>      kernel-package (>= 8.135) [!powerpc] | kernel-package (>= 8.135.sarge1) [powerpc]
>      so that this package can be build on an unmodified sarge install
>      on non-powerpc
>    * Add myself and Sven Luther as uploaders

Maybe we should move that stuff to the SVN, under dists/sarge/backports or
something such ?


Sven Luther

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