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Powerbook 12" USB power

For some reasons my 12" Powerbook does not provide enough energy to
the USB device.

I have an external hard-drive, 80 GB USB 2.0, that has two connecting
cables. It usually works fine with just the connection cable on a
desktop with a USB 2, but if you have only a USB 1 or you have a
particular situation you can use the other cable as well, its purpose
is solely to provide energy when needed.

When I first used the powerbook on OSX it worked fine with just a
cable, and the same with Linux. Now it's gradually getting worse, and
I can't even transfer decently any file. I am sure thr USB 2 works and
it's configured, since if I plug the energy cable into another
computer and the connecting cable in my 12" it works fine, meaning
that I just nedd to provide more energy from my USB ports.

I was told that I had to configure this through the open firmware, but
I have no idea of how to do it.


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