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Re: ext. Cinema Display with FBDev

Douglas Russell <puggy@gentoo.org> wrote:

> On Sunday 28 Aug 2005 14:25, Michael Igler wrote:
> > I have an almost working config with kernel and XFree 4.5.0
> > over the FBDev.
> I was under the impression that external video would not work with FBDev on.

Well, the output isn't that good with "video=ofonly", but it is the only
config in yaboot that takes effect. It creates a fb1 in /dev, which is
the Cineam Display on the DVI port.

What is the difference between video=ofonly and video=radeonfb ?
radeonfb does not create a framebufferdevice in /dev/fb1. Only fb0.
Any tips ?

> > Experiences in builing an DRI driver with X.org or
> > with R300 codes on http://r300.sourceforge.net/R300.php are
> > appreciated, too.
> I think the R300 stuff has gone into x.orgs CVS so I've not tried building it
> separately myself. It seemed to work fine although I couldn't get it to work
> with glx.

Have tried the latest stable X.org now. But I can't get a proper output
on the cinema display. The LCD of the Powerbook is working perfect.

If Anyone out there has a working xorg.conf for the Ciname Display,
please let me know (yaboot.conf, kernel config are welcome).

Nice Sunday,


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