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Re: help with airport card on g3 powerbook

> > >
> > > when I iwconfig eth1 the ap is all 4's or all 0's. If I
> iwconfig
> > > essid, mode, key, and ap the ap is not get recognized.
> > > what am I missing???
I am not using extreme card, but orig. I am loading airport module.
modprobe airport --which also loads orinoco and yenta-socket also
pcmcia and pcmcia_card and hermes.
With the neccessary modules loaded I should see an ap number when I
iwconfig eth1.. But I dont. No ip is given when I ifup eth1 because
no ap has been identified to connect to. I dont know why. I am using
>2.6.10 with modules.
I have tried interfaces with and without wireless-ap. I dont do auto
but manual so I can go step by step to see what I not working but I
dont know what to do to make it work.
Because the card is a pcmcia device should I edit something in
Iwlist doesnot work. Should it on a ppc???

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