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Re: [patch] therm_adt746x.c


I had exactly the same problem on my new Pb 12" with the fan control.

I tested your patch yesterday with the 2.6.13.
Now, It works well and i can use therm_adt746x to control the fan.


On 8/31/05, Michael Tautschnig <michael.tautschnig@zt-consulting.com> wrote:

At least on my post-Feb 2005 12" powerbook the therm_adt746x module sometimes
showed a fairly strange behaviour - my fan was steadily spinning up and down
every other second. AFAIK this happens, if either the GPU- or the CPU sensor
show an elevated temperature, but not both of them.

The attached patch
- IMHO fixes this issue
- tries to do smoother speed-changes by considering the previous speed and
  temperature too
- shows the correct sensor-location in case of a single fan too
- does not use the fan_speed-parameter anymore - it tries to keep the speed
  appropriate for temperature relative to the limit, thus one can change the
  fan-speed/noise by changing the limit. Still, it could easily be changed back
  to the former use of this parameter.

Comments are appreciated,

PS.: I only modified the update_fans_speed-function, thus the patch, although
made for 2.6.13, should work for 2.6.12.x as well!

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