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Re: PowerBook G4 17" weirdness

> > > Yes. Is it an ATI based or an nVidia based model ?
> >
> > Ati based (a year old now).
> Weird... not sure what's up. It should all be under control of bits in
> the LVSD_GEN_CNTL register and I don't see how an update could have
> changed that behaviour...

It just happened again, and this time the backlight did't come back up
after plugging in the external monitor. I had just quit a MOL session when
it happened.

Is there a tool to get a register dump off the Radeon chip? Anything else
to try (add delays in the backlight code for example)? Can the chip have
been stuck in a state with the LVSD_GEN_CNTL register somehow shadowed or
blocked for writes?


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