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Video sync issues on 2.6.12(-rc3, I think), reloaded

Hello all, 

System: Powerbook G4 (sept 2004)
OS: Debian PPC GNU/Linux
Linux: 2.6.12(-rc3, I think)

I have a problem with video synchronization, sometimes when returning
from sleep. The image is kind of scrambled. I saw that putting the
laptop back to sleep and getting back from sleep (sometimes a few more
times) fixes the problem.

Ben suggested to try something; turning the luminosity to 0, then back
to a positive value - this fixes it (sometimes after a few tries, is
kind of cyclic).

I wanted to know if this problem is fixed in the newer version of the
kernel, so I would know is compiling a newer linux would be a good

(I have mentioned this before and Ben was kind enough to give me an
answer, but I never digged into the problem again.)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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