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Installing Sarge on IBM 7025-F50: "Non-Debian CD-ROM detected"

Hi list,

I'm trying to install Debian 3.1r0a on a IBM 7025-F50 (CHRP) via CD-ROM.
After hardware detection I get the error message
	"Non-Debian CD-ROM detected".

Ok, here's what I've done so far.
- Downloaded debian-31r0a-powerpc-binary-1.iso
- cdrecord -dev=/dev/cdrw -v -data debian-31r0a-powerpc-binary-1.iso

- OF> boot cdrom:1,\install\yaboot
  => /etc/yaboot.conf not found
- because of 8.3 filenames:
  OF> dir cdrom:\install

- mount -o loop debian-31r0a-powerpc-binary-1.iso /mnt
- cd /tmp
- mkdir deb; cp -a /mnt/* deb
- mkdir deb/etc; cp deb/install/yaboot.conf deb/etc
- mkisofs -r -J -l -o deb.iso deb
- cdrecord -dev=/dev/cdrw -v -data deb.iso
- OF> dir cdrom:\etc

And again:
- boot cdrom:1,\install\yaboot
- /etc/yaboot.conf was now readable, but device=cd:
  So, edit yaboot.conf to device=cdrom:, or
  OF> devalias cd: /pci@fef00000/scsi@c/sd@4,0

Now all together:
- boot cd:1,\install\yaboot
- Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux Sarge...
- boot: install
- Choose a language
- Choose country
- Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM drives
- ! Detect and mount CD-ROM: Non-Debian CD-ROM detected
  The CD-ROM drive contains a non-Debian CD.

Do you have any suggestions?
Oh, please - pimp my F50. ;)


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