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X.org (gdm?) stopped working

	I bravely managed to screw up again...

	I had foolishly tried to be on the bleeding edge, and bleed I

	After some days of happily using X.org, Gnome 2.10,
OpenOffice.org2 and even -- oh glory! -- emacs-snapshot-gtk, I
discovered my iBook rebooted (quite common, I have a faulty power
connection) and X screwed.

	I get the grey background with X-shaped cursor in VC7, and
a dialog in VC8 stating that X is already running, and would I like to
have it try another display number?  No matter what I do, nothing
works.  If I answer no, I end up with the same grey background in VC8,
and the dialog on VC7; if yes, the sitation stays the same

	I have checked /var/log, and the only interesting thing was

Fatal server error:
Server is already active for display 0
	If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock
	and start again.

	Problem is, if I do kill the running servers with
C-A-Backspace /tmp/.X0-lock, so this helps me nothing.  Also in /tmp
is a .gdm_socket.  I found nothing else that seemed like helping me.

     	What should I do next?  I cringe at the thought of
reinstalling XFree86 and Gnome 2.8...

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