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Re: hi , problem in sleep patch 7 and linux-2.6.9

> Any driver can screw up the sleep process if it's bogus.
> Also, what happens when you close the lid ? do you see anything in
> dmesg ? Maybe you just have pbbuttons or pmud not running or you screwed
> the kernel .config ?
> Ben.

Hi Ben.

This is a legitimate crash, but it's almost definitely a problem with
the Atheros drivers (using the latest CVS as of about 10 minutes ago).
If the interface is down (ifconfig ath0 down) then sleep is fine.

If the interface is up, then on closing the laptop, it goes to the black
going-to-sleep kernel log screen and crashes here before printing any
text.  The last line of text on my screen at this point:

[  975.6553885] adb: finished probe task...

(ie: the last line of the prior wake-up).

I have a PCMCIA card (D-Link "AirPlus Xtreme G" DWL-G650) and ejecting
it at this point usually causes the laptop to proceed to sleep
successfully (sometimes after a wait of another half minute or so).

To the original poster:

The problem can be solved by always making sure the interface is 'down'
before putting the laptop to sleep -- possibly from the pre-sleep
script.  Of course, this means that when your laptop wakes up, the
interface will no longer be properly configured, but at least you won't

On my Ubuntu box (I assume Debian will be the same) I created
an /etc/power/event.d/atheros script (mode 755) with the following



if [ "$1" == "suspend" ]; then
	ifconfig ath0 down

With this script in place, my laptop no longer hangs on sleep (although
it's very obviously a hack for a problem that should be properly fixed
inside the Atheros drivers).

I hope this helps.


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