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Re: Weird failures on the mac mini

Roger Leigh wrote:
> I've been experiencing some strangeness over the last few days.  This
> is mainly due to failed builds.  For example, "ldd" segfaulted while
> running a debhelper script.  I retried the build and it worked fine.
> Just a few minutes ago, another build failed with this error:
 > Are there any known powerpc kernel or libc problems that could
> manifest in this way?

preempt on ppc is known to cause random errors especially when
compiling/linking stuff. If you have preempt enabled try building the
packages with preempt disabled.

> If it needs
> replacing, are Apple going to deal with a GNU/Linux install on an
> Apple machine, i.e. can they use this as a way of not fulfilling the
> warranty?

When I send my ibook in the guy at the shop said it was my business
whatever OS I ran on the machine.

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