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Re: Still Deadlock problem with pbbuttonsd 0.6.10?

Elimar Riesebieter wrote:

I've installed 0.6.10-2 and since then my AlBook freezes randomly.
My guess is, that the kernel stops, freezes the modules (especially
therm_adt746x) and the cpu is heating up without fan-action! This is
because I experienced after a crtl-apple-off reboot the fan starts
with highest run and the freeze was within a vi-edit with no
cpu-intensive processes running.
For me it is not save to use 0.6.10-2 because I need my CPU ;-)
I don't see anything like this, but have debugged another tight select() loop of pbbuttonsd (CVS version). Patch will be going to Matthias shortly, as soon as I have my powerbook with me at any place that is online :)


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