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Re: identifying Powerbook5,4 modem

> I figured out that my awk pointed to gawk.  I tried mawk, and got
> > mawk: line 121: regular expression compile failed (missing '(')
> )
> mawk: line 169: missing ) near end of line
> mawk: line 178: extra ')'
> mawk: line 178: extra ')'
> mawk: line 184: extra ')'
> I am clueless, I don't program awk so I don't know what the problem
> might be.  Are there any other awk flavors to try?

I found the cause of the problem: One of the logical expressions in my
listmodem.sh script (that's what you use??) has an opening bracket at the
end of the line. Move that one to the continuation line.


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