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Replacing iBook Hard Drive


I'm writting to this list since I can't find any useful answer
anywhere else. If you anyone has ever replaced a Mac hard drive, I
would use some advice.

I own a G3 iBook (dual USB, 750 MHz) and the hard drive died a few
days ago. It started doing clicking sounds, then The computer wouldn't
boot. The first time I tried to boot, I got a smiling mac icon, the
second time just a white screen.

So I just bought a new drive and replaced the old one, but my computer
won't boot, just the white screen.

Correct me if I am wrong, but from what I understand about the system,
apple computers don't have a bios but open firmware which is installed
on the hard drive. So I guess that to get it fixed I would need one
way or another to install open firmware on my new drive. How am I
supposed to do this ?

thanks for any advice/pointers you could give me

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