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I have been reading posts back and forth on fan control in the ppc64 kernels. I am in no way on that architecture (you lucky ducks) but this has intrigued me, is it a bad thing that my 2 fans are always going in this G4?

As I am learning this (linux) how would I test the internal temperature, rather than physically sticking a thermometer in there for a few hours of use? My girlfriend is often complaining that the fans are too loud when I am in linux, I don't notice much difference, but if this is something that can/should be tweaked, can someone point me to a url somewhere or explain to me how this should be done?

I am working on a self compiled 2.6.11 upstream kernel, but when I just read the post about from Shyamal I think saying that his fans were going full blast, and if mine are I wouldn't know the difference, so I just thought I would ask.

--Mike S

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