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Re: multible partitions?

Wolf Drechsel wrote:


I've got a debian box with kernel 2.4.27 acting as a video disk recorder. There are precompiled modules for hfsplus and hfs.

When I try to mount my external firewire disk (3 partitions, 160 GB)

mount /dev/sda1 -t hfsplus /hfs

I get various error messages - depending whether a USB stick was attached/removed before. The USB stick formatted as hfsplus mounts easily, so I got the idea that the partitions make the problem.

I dont know how I can adress various partitions... - or are multible partition disks not yet supported? - All partitions are HFS+.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks and greetings,


I know personally that I use multiple partitions on my internal HD so I'd imagine they are supported, as to what that issue is, I don't know, but I can tell you with 99 percent certainty it is not because of multiple partitions.

--Mike S

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