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Re: keymap, maybe

Em Seg 30 Mai 2005 19:02, Mike S escreveu:
> ok, I am submitting this to both debian-powerpc and ubuntu because I am
> having the same problem in both distributions, and am totallly baffled.
> Two days ago the keys control, option, and shift, all stopped being
> recognized once the kernel took control.  I mistakenly thought it was
> just my beyboard, but upon further testing, I found that more often than
> not these keys do work in OS X and in OS 9.  This keyboard is going bad,
> and I am getting a new one, but since they do not work at all in linux,
> I fear this will not solve the problem I am having.


I didn't quite understand: all those keys were working untill to days ago? I 
that's true, there is no event that could be responsible for this to start 
happening two days ago?


Gunther Furtado
Curitiba - PR - Brasil

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