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Re: Odd core dump issue with IBM 1.4.2 JDK launching Eclipse

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 11:29:47AM +0200, Johannes Mockenhaupt spake thus:
> Barry Hawkins wrote:
> [...]
> >    I have been running the Eclipse JDT for Java(TM) development on a 
> > ppc sid install with the IBM 1.4.2 JDK for 32-bit PowerPC for some time 
> > now.  I recently migrated from my Titanium PowerBook to one of the 
> > new(er) 15" Aluminum 1.67GHz units:
> Did you set the environment variable JITC_PROCESSOR_TYPE=6 on the new
> machine too?
Yes, but that is a very good question!  We have placed that in the 
README.Debian file for java-package in hopes that powerpc users will know
to do that.

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