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Re: Bull Escala MT604

On Wed, 2005-06-01 08:52:57 +0100, Leigh Brown <leigh@solinno.co.uk> wrote:
> On Wed, June 1, 2005 8:45 am, Philippe Guyot said:
> > AFAIK, M204 is a MCA-BUS machine.....
> > I don't think this architecture is supported now.
> That's what I was trying to assertain :-) I don't know much about Bull
> except that they tend to be rebadged RS6000's.
> If it's MCA then I recommend it gets binned.

If you do, please feel free to throw it towards me.  A friend of me does
have a 4-way SMP machine and is attempting a Linux port for it. Right
now, he already read out quite some EPROMs and disassembled lots of
interesting functions. It'll probably take a year or two, but don't give
up too early.


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