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clock drift


I've an iBook G4 and I observe a clock drift. I don't know if it is new
or there for longer time.

$ ntpdate -q server; sleep 5; !ntp
ntpdate -q server; sleep 5; ntpdate -q server
server, stratum 2, offset 1.169256, delay 0.02589
25 May 13:26:31 ntpdate[31805]: step time server offset 1.169256 sec
server, stratum 2, offset 1.170198, delay 0.02589
25 May 13:26:36 ntpdate[31811]: step time server offset 1.170198 sec

I update my clock with ntpdate -B everytime the interface comes up. This
means after every sleep ntpdate is run. Because this I didn't see every a
big clock drift like some minutes, but the drift above means 16 seconds
per day, which is really heavy.

Does anyone know where this drift comes from? Is it caused by the time
while waking up or going sleep.

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