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Re: grub 2?

> >> anyone tried it on ppc yet?  Might be nice to have an alternative to
> >> yaboot :)
> >
> > Given how crappy is grub is on i386 I'd avoid in on other platforms at
> > any cost.
> What's wrong with it?

Maybe he is refering to the possible inability to boot (even the other
OSes) in case on /boot corruption.

> > Especially as yaboot works really nicely from the users POV.
> It works, but the maintainer is not exactly responsive in fixing bugs,
> even when supplied with tested patches.  Given the "dead" state of
> development, and upstream's bad attitude, I'll be glad to switch to
> GRUB as soon as it's usable.  [Maintaining a local fork just so I can
> use udev is not my idea of fun.]

Maybe is time for yaboot.org ;-)


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