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X Window Server setup: video card Bus ID.


I'm making the switch from Ubuntu to Debian 'Sarge' (Ubuntu's too unstable for my liking).  After doing a netinstall of Sarge and using apt-get to retrieve x-window-system, kde, and kdm, I set up the x-window-system preferences.  It says I need to enter a Bus ID for my video card (because I'm on PPC, even though I'm only using one vard).  I used lspci and found my ATI Rage 128 AGP (8MB) with a Bud ID of 0000:00:10.0, but it says I have to convert that to hexadecimal to put it in.  Am I doing this right so far, and, if so, how do I convert this to hexadecimal.  I've scoured Google for advice, but PPC support isn't very strong in the Linux community from what I've seen.  Figure this is the best place to ask.  Any help?


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