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Re: imac shuts down alone

Le 18 mai 2005 à 09:54, Johannes Mockenhaupt a écrit:
> Sebastien Mengin wrote:
> > I have an Imac running debian sarge 2.4.18.
> > Sometimes, when we don't use it for a moment, it shuts down completely
> > without any warning.
> Is there any special reason you're chosing a 2.4 kernel over a 2.6
> kernel? I would think a 2.6 kernel would be much better suited for this
> job as all work aiming to support the mac mini in particular went into
> the 2.6 branch AFAIK.

It's an old imac, 1999, and I installed sarge on it almost two years ago.
In fact, it might worth trying a 2.6 kernel...

Sébastien Mengin

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