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Re: Battery charge cycles

Joerg Sommer wrote:
> Hi,
> I saw OS X can show the count of charge cycles. Can we have this in Linux
> too?
> http://www-astro.phys.metro-u.ac.jp/users/masai/darwin-app.html
> Jörg.

Pbbuttonsd has an option you might like (quoting pbbutonsd.conf(5)):

batlog = battery log mode (default: none)
Setting this option to one of the following values activates some
sort of battery data logging.

none: disable battery data logging

cycle: Pbbuttonsd counts the battery cycles so that it would be pos-
sible to estimate batteries lifetime. Usually Li-Ion batter-
ies allow 500 charge/discharge cycles.

log: Pbbuttonsd writes detailed battery data like current charge,
voltage, time remaining, etc. on a regularly time basis to a
log file. Also charge/discharge cycles will be counted and
displayed. Each charge/discharge cycle gets its own battery
log file. This data should allow investigation of a battery
ageing. This option includes the cycle option.

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