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Seeking for Kernel and Xserver for IBM PReP 7248 Systems


is there anyone that does know, where I can get
and how to properly configure a current linux
kernel of the testing / sarge distribution for an
old IBM 7248 PReP system that does support display
on the local screen?

Currently, I have to use kernel 2.2.18 with
framebuffer device compiled in for using a crt
screen.  There are the same errors with displayed
colors with any tested X Server of woody and sarge
distributions: It displays a dark blue color
instead of white color and has more such color
errors that makes it nearly impossible to read
i.e. any text with xpdf, view pictures correctly
and so on the most of the time.  And there are
errors with the sleep or suspend mode of the
Xservers, where the display does not get activated
again once the Xserver blanked the screen for a
while.  Sometimes even the whole computer is not
usable then since it becomes impossible to switch
to a different virtual console after some time, so
I have to switch it off from a hot state and
cannot even securely shutdown the machine.

I would like to use a newer kernel if possible,
but the kernels in the debian distributions for
these PReP machines all seem not to be able to use
the crt, which is essential for me as this IBM
PReP 7248 is the only machine here I can use at
all.  Compiling a kernel myself also is difficult
because of lack of disk space.  Free space is
about 50 MB - 100 MB on an about 1 GB SCSI disk
that sits within the case.

With the kernel 2.2.18 that can display something
on the crt using fbdev, usually the system hangs
at boot time while configuring the build-in
ncr53c810 scsi chip after displaying the message:

ncr53c810-0: ID 7, Fast-10, Parity Checking

.  With a newer kernel 2.6.7 the system does not
hang at boot time and initializes the ncr scsi
chip in a better way with seemingly only lacking
the use of the hard drive led, but it does not
display anything on the crt and I can not use a
local console or anything that normally gets
displayed on the local screen.

So I am looking for a new kernel of debian sarge
distribution that supports initialising the scsi
chip and using the directly connected screen while
at the same time I am looking for a Xserver that
does the colors correctly and also the suspend
blanking awake without hanging the keyboard i/o
system and does redisplay the screen contents
after some key stroke when it has blanked the
screen.  Unfortunately, the way it is now, the
system is nearly unuseable for direct work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Alles Gute
Helmut H. Franke

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