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Re: External Monitor from PowerBook5,6

On Fri, 2005-04-15 at 00:17 +0930, John Steele Scott wrote:

> Michael Hunt <michael.hunt@oddsocks.net> writes:

> > iBook G4 ??? 12 inch perhaps ???
> >
> > I'm currently struggling to get this working on Ubuntu Hoary. Any chance
> > you could post me a copy of your xorg.conf file ????
> The relevant sections are reproduced below. My setup is slightly unusual,
> because my external monitor runs at a very high resolution. It satisfies the
> following constraints:
>  * If I start X without external monitor, I get 1024x768 on the laptop panel.
>  * If I start X with my monitor connected, I get a desktop which is
>    1920x1200. The entire desktop is visible on the external display, while the
>    laptop panel is a 1024x768 viewport into the desktop, which I can scroll
>    with the mouse (usually I just turn the panel backlight off, and look at
>    the big screen).
> The main reason I set it up like this is so that I don't need to change config
> files or serverlayouts when I go mobile. If I really want a desktop which is
> 1024x768, I just unplug the external and restart the X server.


Thanks John. This looks like it will enable me to do presentations on a
digital projector though I think I will run the second head at a lower

Eventually I would like to go dual display (side by side) rather than
clone (Browse on one screen, Watch DVD on other etc). Suspect I will
need to read up on the ati driver options for that though.

Like your one config fits all scenarios idea. Having to choose between
xorg.conf files depending on what you have attached can get a bit messy.


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