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Radeon fb troubles

Hi all,

Since a few days I'm experiencing some troubles with the Radeon FB on my
TiBook IV (PowerBook3,5).  When I boot (Debian's 2.6.10-powerpc or
2.6.11-powerpc, doesn't amtter) I sometimes get two white bars of 20
pixels high (one halfway, one at the bottom) that color slowly towards purple/black
after the Radeon FB is initialized by the kernel.  Also Xorg
doesn't work, it's completely black. Using `fblevel 20' or something makes
the screen show (rather nice) color flows of white purple and black.

The first time I had this, I thought it was a glitch, and several
reboots seems to remedy the problem, but now, I can't a normal working
display working.  I have booted with video=ofonly (actually
video=radeonfb video=ofonyl, since the first video entry is hardcoded in
my yaboot.conf) and that works... but since I can't adjust the
brightness and stuff this is not exactly ideal.

I've used OS X a few days ago, maybe it changed something in the
firmware...  from dmesg I can't see anything different from other
Powerbook outputs and since I don't see a thing, it's hard to find the
problem and I have no idea where to start...
Any ideas/hints/pointers?


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