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make-kpkg: Recompile/install same kernel version, keeping the old modules

Hi All

After recompiling the same kernel-version (2.6 flavor) I want to make
sure that the previously installed modules of this same kernel-version
in /lib/modules/<some-kernel-version>/ will not be overwritten by the
newly compiled same kernel revision when installing it. Is this

The available docs I found so far did not defeat my doubts: I suspect
that a 

make-kpkg --append-to-version <some-name> 

or (alternatively) changing the Makefile line to

and then using two different <some-name> for the 2 revisions might do
what I want, but I'm not sure.

Anyone who already tested that? Some unmistakable docs, somewhere?

Thanks in anticipation

Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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