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2.6.12-rc2 "fixes" 8500 floppy and sound ...

Hi Everyone,

Some good news to report back.  Yesterday when testing if 2.6.12-rc2
helped with video, I used an older .config in which the swim3 driver
and dmasound_pmac were compiled in.  The kernel compiled, and both
of these components now work!  There were still warnings when both of
these components were being compiled.  I believe the messages for the
swim3 driver were about the previously troublesome interrupt handling
routines "being deprecated", but the module still compiled and worked
- and the code for the module itself is unchanged from 2.6.11, where
it did _NOT_ compile.  I missed the messages about the errors around
dmasound_pmac, but I'll take a closer look tonight and this weekend
when recompiling to add aty128 to my kernel.  Is there a way to track
the output of the kernel compilation process, other than redirection
using the ">" or ">&" constructs ?

Anything folks want me to look out for, or check ?  I'd been stuck in
trying to figure out what to do about the non-working swim3.  I had
put in a lot of debugging code into the routines there to track the
event loops, but had a hard time making sense of it and seeing where
the problem was ....  Hopefully, this will help.


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