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Re: Making boot process wait for recognition of device

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

have you tried just adding  "rootdelay=<seconds>" on the kenrel command
line ?

No I haven't ! Thanks a lot for the tip, I didn't know about this kernel parameter. I'll try it at once, I knew my use of initrd was a vast overkill... OTOH now that I know something about initrd's I might revert to a stock 2.6.8 kernel with a custom initrd !

I have two remaining problems with my firewire drive:

* sometimes after my laptop wakes from sleep, the connection to the HD seems lost (no access to root filesystem anymore :( ). I haven't investigated this yet as it's my first installation of linux on a laptop (and on ppc)

* The kernel doesn't see the firewire HD when I power on the computer, only when I reboot it (but Open Firmware does see it in both cases). This really puzzles me...


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