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Re: Bluetooth is supported in the new PB?

Eddy Petrisor wrote:

I definitely know that I have used the hcitool to find my BT Nokia phone; I have tested it now and I've seen the same error as you.

I too thought I had had it working! Maybe different kernel versions are an issue here? In hal-device-manager I see, as the second to last entry, an unused USB bus. I thought that might have something to do with it but couldn't figure it out. Booting 2.6.8-powerpc (debian kernel) didn't get the device working again either, but its fine in OSX.

Ironically, I have a BT mouse which wokrs fine and it didn't worked at the time I tried it first. I wonder if these two things are connected.

Very strange. Can you please check if you see the device in hal-device-manager / sysfs? If so, is it USB?


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