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Problems with external flatpanel and Radeon 9000 (M9)


I've switched to Xorg today (Ubuntu packages, 6.8.2-10 recompiled for
PPC) to test the dual-head stuff of my ATi Radeon Mobility 9000 M9
(TiBook IV) with both CRT and DFP.  I'm currently pondering whether I
should buy a DFP as second head.

However, while everything worked great with MergeFB, display detection
etc for the CRT display, it did not work out with the DFP I tested with
(a Dell 1703FP).
Via DDC a lot of stuff was detected, setup and configured...  (I had a
stretched screen and could move the mouse to the 'right' screen).
The Xorg.0.log looked normal and all, however, the DFP didn't seem to
receive a signal at all and stayed in stand-by modus.

I was wondering:  Is this a known problem?  If not, which information
could I provide to find the problem. 


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